About Us - Installicious

Installicious is an Auto Installer which serves the hosting industry and enables users to install software with ease.

About Us Installicious Features and Details

Installicious is a product and brand of HostRush, web hosting. The entire script was developed by Adnan Faridi who is the CEO of HostRush and ServerDime dedicated servers.

Your support for us promotes competition and diversity. Please support us by purchasing our product. Most of our sales will go right back into enhancing Installicious.

The idea came to my mind in 2016 but we started development in 2017. This was developed in our spare time off and on, not continiously. It took about 10 months of work to make this app and we currently offer WordPress, Joomla and PhpBB as the installable apps. More apps wil be added. Installicious currently supports cPanel, but more panels are being added. We have a forum where you can interact with us directly with any questions or support.

We reach out to the community to give Installicious a chance alongside with the other Auto Installers out there. Your support for Installicious promotes competition which enables more choices for you and your end users.

Being based in the United States, we have a very hgh software development cost as compared to other nations. We are competing with well established software development companies overseas which are adequately staffed and are able to hire porgammers at a fraction of our cost. We are still trying to price our product competitively.

I have 15 years of software engineering experience and manage HostRush, ServerDime and Installicious.